Bordeaux International School of Population Health Sciences - July 7 - 11, 2014

- Methods and Communication -

The Bordeaux International School of Population Health Sciences provides short courses covering topics around population health studies. The School is initiated and organized by the Excellence Initiative (IdEx) of the University of Bordeaux and associated with the Bordeaux School of Public Health (ISPED).

The first one-week program will be held from July 7 – 11 2014 in Bordeaux, France. It covers important and innovative methodological aspects of population health studies and their communication, offering formal lectures paired with practical work.

The curriculum is designed specifically for health professionals, scientists, students and others who are interested in population studies, prevention, public health, drug and medical device industry, health policy, management, and health communication.

In this first one week program, we offer 3 courses:

  1. Introduction to principles and methods of population health studies/epidemiology
  2. Principles of scientific paper writing, reviewing, and communication
  3. Principles and communication of population genetic studies and "big data"

The working language of the courses and all related material will be English. Further details on the courses can be found on this webpage. A summary in French can be found here.

We are excited that internationally renowned experts in population studies, medical editing, population genetics, and communication have agreed to serve as faculty for this first short program and we are looking forward to welcoming you to Bordeaux.

Tobias Kurth, MD, ScD
Director, Bordeaux International School of Population Health Sciences